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Reference Library on the Criminalization of Pregnancy and Reproductive Health

NACDL is providing resources regarding the Criminalization of Pregnancy and Reproductive Health to the criminal defense community. Resources are provided without warranty or guarantee. Please consult the laws and rules of your state and local authorities. Please log in to access them. Membership is NOT required.

Resources include state-specific research, briefs shared by fellow defense lawyers, digital data and privacy concerns, ethics, and more.


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Register now: Post-Dobbs Defender Skills Summit. July 14-15, 2023 in Knoxville, TN

Register to attend another innovative national defense summit on this subject featuring all new topics. A year after the Dobbs decision, this event comes at a critical time in the increasing criminalization of reproductive healthcare and increasing pregnancy-related prosecutions. This free litigation training is being held for all defense lawyers handling pregnancy-related cases, and particularly those doing public defense work. The faculty of subject matter experts, including public defenders and medical experts, will discuss the current status of laws and prosecutions across the country and the nuts and bolts of litigating these cases, with the goal of ensuring every individual has excellent representation with strong defenses. *This event is not open to those involved in the prosecution of criminal cases or to law enforcement *

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Past Webinars

Criminalization of Pregnancy & Reproductive Health (CPRHP) State-by-State Reports 

NACDL’s CPHRP has worked with dozens of law professors and other legal experts to create this overview of relevant state laws including existing abortion laws, trigger laws that are or will soon be in effect, pre-Roe statutes that prosecutors might invoke, and fetal personhood laws. NACDL is committed to developing resources to prepare attorneys to advise clients and defend cases in the face of the criminalization of personal choice and health. Click the map to see that state’s summary AND other state specific resource materials. 

Acknowledgements: Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed these CPRHP state-by-state reports. 

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Pregnancy Justice

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Non-Jurisdiction-Specific Resources

Journal Articles and Reports

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