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NACDL Event Calendar

Experience something better! NACDL is recognized as the leading Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider for the criminal defense bar. Our cutting-edge programs and seminars are offered both in LIVE format as well as a wide variety of content delivery methods for acquiring self-study CLE, including webcasts and on-demand webinars, to create an unparalleled CLE experience not found anywhere else. NACDL events also provide a unique forum for national networking opportunities and garnering strategy insight from your colleagues in the trenches.

Unlike any other CLE providers focused on criminal defense, NACDL garners its quality advantage as a result of our ability to attract nationally-recognized faculties consisting of the nation's greatest legal minds, high-profile figures, politicians, and experts in a variety of specializations. These faculties translate into the production of premiere CLE programming which addresses the most current and relative issues in the criminal defense community.

Want to be in the know about NACDLcle Events? NACDL can notify you via email about upcoming CLE opportunities - Live Seminars, Webinars, and other training options. Sign-up today, and we'll send you an email when new CLEs are added to our schedule!

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The upcoming calendar of events is listed below. For an extended list of NACDL events, click [here]

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  1. 2021 Albert J. Krieger Annual Meeting of the NACDL Cover
  2. 20th Annual State Criminal Justice Network Conference Cover
  3. 2021 Making the Case for Life Seminar Cover
  4. 2021 Race Matters Seminar Cover
  5. 2021 White Collar Seminar & Fall Board Meeting Cover
  6. 2021 DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity Seminar Cover
  7. 2021 Defending Modern Drug Cases Seminar Cover
  8. 2021 Fall Seminar - Walking the Line Cover
  9. 2022 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar Cover
  10. Forensic Science & the Law - A 15-hour Web Series Cover
  11. NACDL Webinar: "Making a Mess: How Forensic Analysts Depart from Science" Cover
  12. The Psychology of Persuasion: Building a Case from Start to Finish - A Webinar Cover
  13. Pozner on Cross: Advanced Cross of Experts & Officers Cover
  14. Mental Illness & the Law - A 14-Episode Web Series Cover
  15. Effective Motions Practice in Criminal Cases - A 13-Episode Web Series Cover

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