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Winning Strategies for Cross - A 13-Episode Web Series


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A criminal trial is a battle of competing narratives; the defense must attack and refute the prosecution’s attempts to tell a story of guilt by utilizing a persuasive and effective cross-examination that paints your client's story of innocence. In this 13-Episode NACDL Web Series, nationally recognized experts and seasoned practitioners will share their proven and time-tested methods for effective advanced cross-examination. You will learn how to tailor your cross to complement and highlight your theory of the case, as well as advance the story of your client’s innocence through opposing witnesses. You will hone your cross-examination skills and learn to apply them across the board in your trial practice, from preparation to taking down that snitch or forensic expert on your way to an acquittal!  The faculty will guide you through the potentially dangerous and troubled waters of cross-examination, and give you the skills and techniques to confront, control, and conquer the prosecutions' witnesses.

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 13 hours
CLE: This training is currently eligible for CLE credit in the following states: Alabama (12.3), Alaska (12.25), Arizona (12.25), Arkansas (12.25), California (12.25), Colorado (15), Connecticut, (12.25), Illinois (12.25), Nevada (12), New Mexico (4), New York (15), North Carolina (pending), Vermont (12.25)


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  1. Cross Examination of the Adult Complainant in a Sexual Assault Case - Jason Downs
  2. Cross of the Mental Health Expert - Marcia Shein
  3. Cross-Examining the Police Officer: Asking the Questions that Let the Jury See Bias - Ian Wallach
  4. Crossing the Forensic Examiner in a Child Sexual Assault Case - Kathleen Stilling
  5. Practical & Tactical Tips for Using Technology to Improve Your Cross-Examination at Trial - Shazzie Naseem
  6. Challenges to Your Expert, Combatting Cross-Examination and the State’s Use of an Eyewitness Identification Expert - Ilona Coleman
  7. Cross-Examination in Eyewitness Identification Cases - Bridget Krause
  8. Cross-Examination of the State's Expert - Collette Tvedt & Chris Wells
  9. Using Cross-Examination to Unlock Mysterious Experts in DUI Cases - W. Troy McKinney
  10. Challenging Officer Credibility in Drug Cases - Jennifer Sellitti
  11. Cross of an Expert on Competency - Iris Eytan
  12. Cross Examination, the Lawyer’s Opportunity to Testify - William 'Bill' Kirk
  13. Impeaching the Witness - Jason Downs 


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