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Technology in Criminal Cases: Understanding & Litigating Digital Evidence - A 13-Episode Web Series


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DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 13 hours
CLE: This program is currently eligible for CLE credit in the following states: Alaska (12.25), Arizona (12.25), Arkansas (12.25), Florida (15), Georgia (12), Illinois (12.25), Indiana (12.3), Iowa (12.25), Louisiana (12.25), Mississippi (12.3), Nevada (12), New Hampshire (8.75), New Jersey (pending), New Mexico (4), New York (14), Ohio (12.25), Oregon (12.25), Pennsylvania (12), Tennessee (12.32), Texas (12.25), Utah (pending).


Modern cases need modern defenses, and modern lawyers can’t practice with an outdated playbook. NACDL’s Technology in Criminal Cases web series is a contemporary training course that identifies emerging technologies encountered in today’s criminal cases and arms you with the tools necessary to combat expert witnesses, prosecutorial overreach, and an uneducated judge and jury. This web series program covers both general aspects of new technologies and how they work, as well as practical courtroom application and legal challenges to the use of these new technologies. Taught by seasoned lawyer’s as well as subject matter expert witnesses, this program is a one-stop-shop for bringing your criminal defense strategies into the 21st century.


  1. Suppressing Social Media Evidence | Justin Rosas
  2. Forensics in Peer-to-Peer Sharing and Associated Litigation Challenges | Mo Hamoudi & Terry Lahman
  3. Challenging Geofence Reverse Location Data Post-Carpenter | Catherine Turner
  4. Tracing the Seller in Overdose Cases: Cell Tower Forensics Myths & Realities | Larry Daniel
  5. Private Search Doctrine & Modern Tech: Challenging Cybertipline Reports | Matt Curtin & Eric Eckes
  6. Digital Surveillance Post US v. Jones | Hanni Fakhoury
  7. Cross-Examination of the State’s Expert in GPS Cases | Colette Tvedt & Chris Wells
  8. Practical & Tactical Tips for Using Technology to Improve Your Cross-Examination at Trial | Shazzie Naseem
  9. Body Worn & Squad Car Cameras: Attacking the Tech and Use in Motions to Suppress | Leslie McNair-Jackson
  10. Hemishpere & Stingray Devices | Hanni Fakhoury
  11. GPS & Cellphones  | Robert Aguero
  12. Cell Towers: The Science & the Law | Andrew Northrup
  13. A Lawyer's Guide to Understanding Mobile Forensics | John Ellis


  • Robert Aguero
  • Matt Curtin
  • Larry Daniel
  • Eric Eckes
  • John Ellis
  • Hanni Fakhoury
  • Mo Hamoudi
  • Terri Lahman
  • Leslie McNair-Jackson
  • Shazzie Naseem
  • Andrew Northrup
  • Justin Rosas
  • Catherine Turner
  • Colette Tvedt
  • Chris Wells


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