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Talk to Me: Voir Dire and Jury De-Selection


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In this 13-Episode NACDL Web Series, you will learn basic and advanced principles of effective voir dire, how jurors really think and decide, how to find the jurors of your dreams, and avoid those that will give you nightmares. You will learn the modern and most effective voir dire approaches, including some of the latest techniques and methods to conduct comprehensive jury selection, or de-selection, and gain insight from some of the most knowledgeable jury selection experts in the country.

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 13 hours
CLE: These training videos may be eligible for self-study CLE credit, where authorized. The program is currently approved for credit in the following states: Alaska (12.5), Arizona (12.5), Arkansas (12.5), California (11.5), Colorado (15), Connecticut (12.5), Idaho (12.5), Illinois (12.5), Indiana (12.7), Minnesota (8.25), Missouri (15 of self study), Montana (12.75), Nebraska (6.11), New Mexico (4), New York (15), North Dakota (12.5 of self study), Vermont (12.5), Virgin Islands (15), Washington (6.5).


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  1. How to Get Jurors to Tell You Their Secrets | Richard Kammen
  2. Preparing, Presenting, and Preserving Batson Challenges | Richard Bourke
  3. Voir Dire in Child Sexual Assault Cases | Kathleen Stilling
  4. Winning in the Beginning of Jury Trials with Claimed Vulnerable Victims | Daniel Monnat
  5. Jury Selection in a False Confession Case | Libby Fischer
  6. Capital Voir Dire: An Introduction to the Concepts of the Colorado Method of Capital Jury Selection | David Wymore & Tamara Brady
  7. Jury Selection in the #MeToo Era | Dyke Huish
  8. Set Up A Knockdown When Blue Isn't True: Voir Dire In Cases Involving Officer Credibility | Ian Wallach
  9. The Strike for Cause Method Intertwined with the Colorado Method | Robert Swafford
  10. Voir Dire with Mental Health Defenses | Denise de La Rue
  11. Voir Dire in Self-Defense Cases  | Eric Davis
  12. Selecting the Right Jurors for Your Drug Case | Jovan Blacknell
  13. Giving Up Control To Get Real Answers During Jury Selection | Jeffery P. Robinson



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