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NACDL Webinar: "Making a Mess: How Forensic Analysts Depart from Science"


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Buting & Strang are back together again for NACDL’s upcoming webinar “MAKING A MESS: How Forensic Analysts Depart from Science.” Unreliable or tainted forensic evidence in criminal cases is simply unacceptable. Since Daubert, judges have been put in the position where they are essentially the gatekeepers to keep unreliable evidence from jurors, however, for many reasons that doesn’t work well, in practice. In this webcast, Jerry Buting and Dean Strang will give you some ideas and thoughts about how real scientific evidence should be presented in the courtroom. They will discuss The Scientific Method, and how it was developed, provide a brief history of a variety of forensic science disciplines that have been developed over the years which really don't use The Scientific Method, and thus are unreliable. They will finish off the talk by providing participants with various resources and assistance available to criminal defense practitioners. 

Topics to be discussed:

1. A brief history of unreliable forensic science disciplines that have been developed over the years
2. The Scientific Method
3. How forensic analysts depart from science protocols and qualifications
    - Qualifications
    - Protocols
    - Overblown Opinions
    - Work Not Done or Hidden from Defense & the Courts
4. Resources and Assistance Available to the Criminal Defense Practitioner

LOCATION: Online Web Training
DATE: Access any time
DURATION: Approx. 2 hours
CLE: This webinar is currently eligible for CLE credit in the following states: Alabama (2.0), Arizona (2.0), Arkansas (2.0), California (2.0), Florida (1.0), Georgia (2.0), Illinois (2.0), Indiana (2.0), Maine (2.0), Montana (2.0), Nevada (2.0), New Jersey (2.0), New Mexico (2.0), New York (2.0), North Carolina (pending), Pennsylvania (2.0), South Carolina (1.0), Tennessee (1.0), Utah (2.0), Vermont (2.0), Washington (2.0). Please contact Cori Crisfield at to inquire about your state.



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