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Trial Advocacy & Litigation Skills Training Course: A 12-Episode Webinar Series


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To be the best defense advocates, we must continuously learn, modernize, and reinvigorate our trial skills. In this 12-Episode Web Series, you will not only learn the core principles of constructing a winning defense from arraignment to acquittal, but you will learn to modernize and improve your trial skills with new and innovative advanced trial techniques from seasoned veterans and some of the stars of the criminal defense bar. Some of the most experienced and brightest trial attorneys in their respective areas will let you in on the secrets of their success by demonstrating trial skills and techniques they’ve used and know to be the most effective way to help improve the likelihood of success at trial. This training will help you work your way through a case from A-Z with practical tips and important insights into how to manage your case from day one, beginning with effective pre-trial motions and negotiations, before moving through the entirety of trial, and ending with closing arguments and sentencing. Get more out of your defenses and increase your likelihood of more “Not Guilty!” verdicts. 

Each episode in the series includes supporting written materials.

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 12 hours
CLE: These training videos may be eligible for self-study CLE credit, where authorized. Due to varying CLE accreditation rules, certain states are approved for more CLE credit hours than others. The program is currently eligible for credit in the following states: Alaska (12), Arizona (12), California (12), Colorado (14), Connecticut (12), Illinois (11.5), Missouri (7.2), Nevada (7), New Hampshire (6), New York (14), North Dakota (10), Oregon (10), Vermont (12), Virgin Islands (14), Washington (7).


Watch a 15-minute preview [here]


  1. The Psychology of Persuasion: Building a Case from Start to Finish - Part 1 | Dyke Huish
  2. The Psychology of Persuasion: Building a Case from Start to Finish - Part 2 | Dyke Huish
  3. Pre-Trial Negotiations, and Negotiations | Keith Belzer
  4. Using Jury De-Selection to Find & Exclude the Right Jurors | Fernando Freyre
  5. Giving Up Control To Get Real Answers During Jury Selection | Jeffery Robinson
  6. Persuasive Opening Statements | Guy Cardamone
  7. Persuasive Direct Examination | Robert Swafford
  8. Controlling the Narrative: Cross of the Officer in Drug Cases| Jennifer Sellitti
  9. Caught in the Crossfire: Cross-Examination of the FST Officer with a Purpose | Michael Hawkins
  10. Impeachment | Jason Downs
  11. Theatre Techniques, Persuasion & Courtroom Choreography | Keith Belzer
  12. Preparing for Sentencing, at the Beginning, Using Effective Storytelling | Jennifer Sellitti



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