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Defending Opioid Cases - A 7-Hour Webinar Series


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Whether it’s a chronic user, pain clinic operator or an addict turned drug dealer, opioid addiction is an epidemic that is sweeping our nation and the courts have sent a clear message that drug use and sales will not be tolerated with tough prison sentences. As a result of these tough prison sentences, opioid users are filling up our local jails and prisons.

This program is designed to give criminal defense practitioners options in persuading the courts to keep their clients out of prison, present viable alternative treatment options, and how to challenge the basis of charges resulting in death. You will learn how to become a convincing storyteller and appeal to the judge’s humanity by telling the court the story of your client’s addiction and need for treatment. You will also learn about the effectiveness of different treatment options, including using Social Service Advocates (SSA’s), and how to articulate the benefits of those options to the courts. In addition, you will learn how to challenge cause of death conclusions by the medical examiner, and understand the nuances of Proximate Cause, But/For Cause, Actual Cause, Independently Sufficient Cause, Contributing Cause and the Substantial Factor Test. The program will also cover the defense of pain clinic operators and pharmacy prosecutions.

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 7 hours
CLE: These training videos may be eligible for self-study CLE credit, where authorized. The program is currently eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (7.0), Arizona (7.0), Arkansas (7.0), California (7.0), Georgia (7.0), Maine (pending), Mississippi (6.9), Missouri (8.25 self-study credits), Nevada (pending), New Jersey (pending), New Mexico (4), New York (8.0), North Carolina (6.75), Ohio (pending), Pennsylvania (7.0), South Carolina (6.91), Tennessee (pending), Vermont (7.0).



  1. Opioid Addiction & Evidence-Based Treatment Strategies: What Lawyers Need to Know | Dr. Lipi Roy
  2. Keeping Your Client out of Prison: Creative Sentencing Arguments in Drug Overdose Cases | Bridget Krouse
  3. How Forensic Pathologists & Forensic Toxicologists Diagnose Cause & Manner of Death in Drug Overdose Cases | Dr. Brian Peterson & Sara Schreiber
  4. Litigating Motions, Jury Instructions & Pre-Trial Issues | Angela Campbell
  5. Opioid Use Disorders and Criminal Justice Involvement | Matthew Fleischner & Dr. Alexander Walley
  6. Heroin & Other Opioids: Toxicology, Conversion, and Weight Variables | Dr. David Benjamin
  7. False Prescriptions, Pill Mills, Doctor Shopping & Pharmacies | Marcia Shein



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